Our followers, friends, and customers will notice a change in our home pages which reflects the changing nature of the business. In this regard Navy Yard Books is a new section of, and an imprint of, Navy Yard Associates.

One of the more important reasons for this was the death of my partner John Barrett, who did the ship prints and equipment posters, in mid-October 2016. We are looking into how that part of Navy Yard Associates can be started up again but at present that part of the business is discontinued.


This new section of Navy Yard Associates will concentrate on new and used books. The new books will be presented as e-books on CDs and some will also be in the traditionally printed hard copy form. The used books will be in their original printed form, with dust jacket if possible, and relate to the naval sciences.

As proprietor of Navy Yard Associates (NYA) and Navy Yard Books (NYB) it is my intent to apply my intellectual property into this new "Historical-Data-Series" of books together with other authors, artists, and illustrators.

Another new area is large scale, highly detailed ship drawings and ship plan sets. The used books will include hard to find items such as "Ship's Data" monographs and similar foreign publications.

WHY E-BOOKS? There are a number of reasons why it is time for e-books. Changing business trends indicate that more than 50% of all books produced today are in e-book format which is only a fraction of what a printed copy would cost. Some of our books will be in e-book, perfect bound, and hard bound from the press formats.

Today's new technology also makes it possible for a printer to easily convert the information on a CDs to plates for conventional printing.


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Robert F. Sumrall
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