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Ship Art by John R. Barrett

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Buckley-APD Sample

Destroyer escorts converted to fast transports (APD) during WW II. For the APD conversions the deckhouse amidships was considerably enlarged for troop accommodations, a pair of large davits was fitted on each beam to handle a stack of two LCVPs each, the fantail was cleared for cargo stowage, and a pair of 5-ton booms was provided on the aft superstructure for boat retrieval and cargo handling. The armament was reduced to one 5-in./38 cal. single MK 30 gun mount, six twin 40-mm MK 1 gun mounts, six 20-mm MK 4 gun mounts, and a pair of MK 9 depth charge release tracks.

The Following Ships are available in this class
U.S.S. Charles Lawrence (APD-37)
U.S.S. Daniel T. Griffin (APD-38)
U.S.S. Barr (APD-39)
U.S.S. Bowers (APD-40)
U.S.S. Gantner (APD-42)
U.S.S. George W. Ingram (APD-43)
U.S.S. Ira Jeffery (APD-44)
U.S.S. Lee Fox (APD-45)
U.S.S. Amesbury (APD-46)
U.S.S. Bates (APD-47)
U.S.S. Blessman (APD-48)
U.S.S. Joseph E. Campbell (APD-49)
U.S.S. Sims (APD-50)
U.S.S. Hopping (APD-51)
U.S.S. Reeves (APD-52)
U.S.S. Hubbard (APD- 53)
U.S.S. Chase (APD-54)
U.S.S. Laning (APD-55)
U.S.S. Loy (APD-56)
U.S.S. Barber (APD-57)
U.S.S. Newman (APD-59)
U.S.S. Liddle (APD-60)
U.S.S. Kephart (APD-61)
U.S.S. Cofer (APD-62)
U.S.S. Lloyd (APD-63)
U.S.S. Burke (APD-65)
U.S.S. Enright (APD-66)
U.S.S. Yokes (APD-69)
U.S.S. Pavlic (APD-70)
U.S.S. Odum (APD-71)
U.S.S. Jack C. Robinson (APD-72)
U.S.S. Bassett (APD-73)
U.S.S. John P. Gray (APD-74)
U.S.S. Weber (APD-75)
U.S.S. Frament (APD-77)
U.S.S. Bull (APD-78)
U.S.S. Bunch (APD-79)
U.S.S. Hayter (APD-80)
U.S.S. Tatum (APD-81)
U.S.S. Haines (APD-84)
U.S.S. Runels (APD-85)
U.S.S. Hollis (APD-86)
U.S.S. Schmitt (APD-76)

Editor's notes:
1. APD-41 and 58 conversions were never completed.
2. APD- 64, 67, 68, 82, and 83 conversions were cancelled and reassigned as DERs.

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