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Ship Art by John R. Barrett

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Cannon-Class Artist Sample

As they appeared between 1943 and 1946. These ships are shown carrying three 3-in./50 cal. guns in single MK 22 mounts, one MK 1 40mm twin mount, eight 20mm MK 4 single mounts, one MK 3 21-in. triple torpedo tube mount, one MK 10/11 hedgehog projector, two MK 9 depth charge tracks, eight MK 6 K-gun depth charge projectors.

The following ships are available in this configuration:

U.S.S. Cannon DE-99 U.S.S. Swearer DE-186
U.S.S. Christopher DE-100 U.S.S. Stern DE-187
U.S.S. Alger DE-101 U.S.S. O'Neill DE-188
U.S.S. Thomas DE-102 U.S.S. Bronstein DE-189
U.S.S. Bostwick DE-103 U.S.S. Baker DE-190
U.S.S. Breeman DE-104 U.S.S. Coffman DE-191
U.S.S. Burrows DE-105 U.S.S. Eisner DE-192
U.S.S. Carter DE-112 U.S.S. Garfield Thomas DE-193
U.S.S. Clarence L. Evans DE-113 U.S.S. Wingfield DE-194
U.S.S. Levy DE-162 U.S.S. Thornhill DE-195
U.S.S. McConnell DE-163 U.S.S. Rinehart DE-196
U.S.S. Osterhaus DE-164 U.S.S. Roche DE-197
U.S.S. Parks DE-165 U.S.S. Bangust DE-739
U.S.S. Baron DE-166 U.S.S. Waterman DE-740
U.S.S. Acree DE-167 U.S.S. Weaver DE-741
U.S.S. Amick DE-168 U.S.S. Hilbert DE-742
U.S.S. Atherton DE-169 U.S.S. Lamons DE-743
U.S.S. Booth DE-170 U.S.S. Kyne DE-744
U.S.S. Carroll DE-171 U.S.S. Snyder DE-745
U.S.S. Cooner DE-172 U.S.S. Hemminger DE-746
U.S.S. Eldridge DE-173 U.S.S. Bright DE-747
U.S.S. Marts DE-174 U.S.S. Tills DE-748
U.S.S. Pennewill DE-175 U.S.S. Roberts DE-749
U.S.S. Micka DE-176 U.S.S. McClelland DE-750
U.S.S. Reybold DE-177 U.S.S. Cates DE-763
U.S.S. Herzog DE-178 U.S.S. Gandy DE-764
U.S.S. McAnn DE-179 U.S.S. Earl K. Olsen DE-765
U.S.S. Trumpeter DE-180 U.S.S. Slater DE-766
U.S.S. Straub DE-181 U.S.S. Oswald DE-767
U.S.S. Gustafson DE-182 U.S.S. Ebert DE-768
U.S.S. Samuel S. Miles DE-183 U.S.S. Neal A. Scott DE-769
U.S.S. Wesson DE-184 U.S.S. Muir DE-770
U.S.S. Riddle DE-185 U.S.S. Sutton DE-771

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