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Ship Art by John R. Barrett

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Kidd-Class Artist Sample

USS KIDD (DDG-993) Class Color Profiles

Four Kidd (DDG-993) Class guided missile destroyers. This release is represented by the USS Chandler (DDG-996).

USS CHANDLER (DDG-996), KIDD-CLASS guided missile destroyer. Displacement: 7,410 tons light, 8,250 tons full load. Dimensions: 528'-11" waterline, 563'-2" overall x 55' beam x 33'max.draft. Machinery: 80,000 SHP, four gas turbines (General Electric LM 2500), two shafts/two propellers, speed 32.5 knots, range 6,000 nautical miles at 20 knots, 3,300 nautical miles at 30 knots. Armament: Missiles - two MK 26 twin launchers for Standard-ER SM-2 SAM/ ASROCK ( 68 weapon capacity), Two, quadruple SSM 141 canisters for eight HARPOON SSM-84 missiles. Guns- two 5-inch/54 caliber MK 45 single gun mounts, two 20mm Phalanx CIWS MK 16 (multi barrel) gun mounts, six 12.75-inch MK 32 triple torpedo tubes (internal). Fire Control: one MK 14weapon direction system, two MK 74 missile fire control/SPG-51D radars, one MK 86 GFCS/SPG-60 and SPQ-9A radars, one MK 116 ASW FCS/SQS-53A sonar. Radar: one SPS-48E 3D air search, one SPS-49(V)5 air search, one SPS-55 surface search, one SPS-64(V)9 navigation, one SPQ-9A gun fire control, one SPG-60 gun fire control. Sonar: SQS-53A bow mounted. Electronic Warfare Systems: two SQL-32(V)5 /sidekick jammer., one SLQ-25 NIXIE underwater. Two OE-82 SATCOMM antennas.

The following ships are available in this configuration:

U.S.S. Kidd DDG-993 U.S.S. Scott DDG-995
U.S.S. Callaghan DDG-994 U.S.S. Chandler DDG-996

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