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Ship Art by John R. Barrett

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As they appeared between 1943 and 1946. These ships are shown carrying two 5-in./38 guns in single MK 30 mounts, two MK 1 40mm twin mounts, ten MK 4 single 20mm mounts, one MK 3 21-in. triple torpedo tube mount, one MK 10/11 hedgehog projector, two MK 9 depth charge tracks, and eight MK 6 K-gun depth charge projectors.
The Following Ships are available in this class
U.S.S. Rudderow DE-224 U.S.S. Belet DE-599
U.S.S. Day DE-225 U.S.S. Julius A. Raven DE-600
U.S.S. Crosley DE-226 U.S.S. Walsh DE-601
U.S.S. Cread DE-227 U.S.S. Hunter Marshall DE-602
U.S.S. Ruchamkin DE-228 U.S.S. Earhart DE-603
U.S.S. Kirwin DE-229 U.S.S. Walter S. Gorka DE-604
U.S.S. Chaffee DE-230 U.S.S. Rogers Blood DE-605
U.S.S. Hodges DE-231 U.S.S. Francovich DE-606
U.S.S. Kinzer DE-232 U.S.S. Joseph M. Auman DE-674
U.S.S. Register DE-233 U.S.S. De Long DE-684
U.S.S. Brock DE-234 U.S.S. Coates DE-685
U.S.S. John Q. Roberts DE-235 U.S.S. Eugene E. Elmore DE-686
U.S.S. William M. Hobby DE-236 U.S.S. Kline DE-687
U.S.S. Ray K. Edwards DE-237 U.S.S. McNulty DE-581
U.S.S. Arthur L. Bristol DE-281 U.S.S. Raymon W. Herndon DE-688
U.S.S. Truxtun DE-282 U.S.S. Scribner DE-689
U.S.S. Upham DE-283 U.S.S. Diachenko DE-690
U.S.S. Riley DE-579 U.S.S. Horace A. Bass DE-691
U.S.S. Leslie L.B. Knox DE-580 U.S.S. Wantuck DE-692
U.S.S. Metivier DE-582 U.S.S. Holt DE-706
U.S.S. George A. Johnson DE-583 U.S.S. Jobb DE-707
U.S.S. Charles J. Kimmel DE-584 U.S.S. Parle DE-708
U.S.S. Daniel A. Joy DE-585 U.S.S. Bray DE-709
U.S.S. Lough DE-586 U.S.S. Gosselin DE-710
U.S.S. Thomas F. Nickel DE-587 U.S.S. Begor DE-711
U.S.S. Peiffer DE-588 U.S.S. Cavallaro DE-712
U.S.S. Tinsman DE-589 U.S.S. Donald W. Wolf DE-713
U.S.S. Ringness DE-590 U.S.S. Cook (DE-714
U.S.S. Knudson DE-591 U.S.S. Walter X. Young DE-715
U.S.S. Rednour DE-592 U.S.S. Balduck DE-716
U.S.S. Tollberg DE-593 U.S.S. Burdo DE-717
U.S.S. William J. Pattison DE-594 U.S.S. Kleinsmith DE-718
U.S.S. Myers DE-595 U.S.S. Weiss DE-719
U.S.S. Walter B. Cobb DE-596 U.S.S. Carpellotti DE-720
U.S.S. Earle B. Hall DE-597 U.S.S. Don O. Woods DE-721
U.S.S. Harry L. Corl DE-598 U.S.S. Beverly W. Reid DE-722

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