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Ship Art by John R. Barrett

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We now have color profiles for the following Somers (DD-381) Class destroyers as modified 1942-1944.

Specifications for this configuration of the Somers Class were taken from Ships’ Data U.S. Naval Vessels, January 1943. Displacement: 1,850 tons standard, 2,179 tons trial. Dimensions: 381'-6" overall, 372'-0" waterline 36'-10" beam, 16'-6" max. draft. Speed: 38.6 knots (trial). Armament: four twin 5-in./38 cal. MK 22 gun mounts (see Note 1), six 20mm single MK 10 gun mounts, two quadruple 21-in. MK XII torpedo tube mounts, and two depth charge release tracks (for 600 lb. charges). Fire Control: one MK 35 director/surface GFCS/MK 3 radar. Radar: one SC air search set and one SG surface search set. High Frequency Direction Finding: one HF/DF set for tactical ASW. Sonar: one QCE set. Complement: 235, 10 officer and 25 enlisted.

  1. The MK 22 gun mount was a single purpose mount with a maximum elevation of 35 degrees.
  2. Watch the Navy Yard Associates for later WW II configurations of this class as rebuilt 1944-1945.

The Following Ships are available in this configuration

USS Somers (DD-381)
USS Warrington (DD-383)
USS Sampson (DD-394)
USS Davis (DD-395)
USS Jouett (DD-396)

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