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Ship Art by John R. Barrett


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THOMASTON-CLASS as outfitted October 1985. Displacement: 6,880 tons light, 11,270 tons full. Dimensions: 510' overall, 84' beam, 19' light - 34' maximum draft. Machinery: 24,000 SHP, two sets GE double reduction geared turbines, two B&W 600 psi.850 deg. boilers, two shafts/screws, speed 22.5 knots, 5,300 mile range at 22.5 knots and 13,00 mile range at 10 knots. Complement: 311 to 350, 18 officer and 293 to 332 enlisted (depending on cargo mix). Capacity: troop accommodations 340, well deck dimensions 391' long by 48' wide, can transport three LCAC or three LCU or nine LCM-8 or fifty LVTP-7 amphibian tractors. Armament: six 3-inch/50 caliber guns in three MK 27/33 gun mounts. Fire Control: local control only. Helicopters: landing area only. Radar: one SPS-10 surface search set and one SPS-6 air search set.

The Following Ships are available in this class
USS Thomaston LSD-28
USS Plymouth Rock LSD-29
USS Fort Snelling LSD-30
USS Point Defiance LSD-31
USS Spiegel Grove LSD-32
USS Alamo LSD-33
USS Hermitage LSD-34
USS Monticello LSD-35

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