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Ship Art by John R. Barrett

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Wickes (DD-75) Class flush-deck four-stack Destroyer Color Profiles

Wickes (DD-75) Class destroyers as originally built between 1918 and 1919. The as built configuration is represented by USS Upshur (DD-144).

Specifications for the Wickes (DD-75) Class destroyers were taken from Ship’s Data U.S. Naval Vessels, 1 January, 1938. Displacement: 1,149 tons (trial), Dimensions: 314’ 4”overall, 30’ 6” beam, 8’84” max. draft. Speed: 35 knots. Armament: four 4-in./50 cal. guns, one 3-in./23 cal. gun, twelve 21-in torpedo tubes, two depth charge tracks.

The Following Ships are available in this configuration

USS Wickes (DD-75)
USS Philip (DD-76)
USS Woolsey (DD-77)
USS Evans (DD-78)
USS Fairfax (DD-93)
USS Taylor (DD-94)
USS Rathburne (DD-113)
USS Talbot (DD-114)
USS Waters (DD-115)
USS Dent (DD-116)
USS Dorsey (DD-117)
USS Lea (DD-118)
USS Buchanan (DD-131)
USS Aaron Ward (DD-132)
USS Hale (DD-133)
USS Crowninshield (DD-134)
USS Tillman (DD-135)
USS Boggs (DD-136)
USS Kilty (DD-137)
USS Kennison (DD-138)
USS Ward (DD-139)
USS Claxton (DD-140)
USS Hamilton (DD-141)
USS Tarbell (DD-142)
USS Yarnall (DD-143)
USS Upshur (DD-144)
USS Greer (DD-145)
USS Elliot (DD-146)
USS Roper (DD-147)
USS Breckinridge (DD-148)
USS Barney (DD-149)
USS Blakeley (DD-150)
USS Biddle (DD-151)
USS Du Pont (DD-152)
USS Bernadou (DD-153)
USS Cole (DD-155)
USS J. Fred Talbot (DD-156)

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