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Ship Art by John R. Barrett

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Knox (DE/FF-1052) Class without spray shield on the bow and MK 25 Sea Sparrow missile launcher on the stern.

In the standard as built version all units had the following equipment: Armament: one 5-in. MK 42 gun mount, one MK 112 ASROC ASW rocket launcher, and two triple MK 32 torpedo tube mounts, and one SH-2 LAMPS ASW helicopter. Fire Control: MK 68GFCS (5-in.), and MK 114 UFCS/SQS-26 Sonar (underwater battery). Radar: SPS-10 surface search/navigational, and SPS-40 air search.

The following ships are available in this configuration:

  • USS Knox (DE/FF-1052)
  • USS Roark (DE/FF-1053)
  • USS Gray (DE/FF-1054)
  • USS Hepburn (DE/FF-1055)
  • USS Connole (DE/FF-1056)
  • USS Rathburne (DE/FF-1057)
  • USS Meyerkord (DE/FF-1058)
  • USS W. S. Sims (DE/FF-1059)
  • USS Lang (DE/FF-1060)
  • USS Patterson (DE/FF-1061)
  • USS Whipple (DE/FF-1062)
  • USS Reasoner (DE/FF-1063)
  • USS Lockwood (DE/FF-1064)
  • USS Stein (DE/FF-1065)
  • USS Marvin Shields (DE/FF-1066)
  • USS Francis Hammond (DE/FF-1067)
  • USS Vreeland (DE/FF-1068)
  • USS Bagley (DE/FF-1069)
  • USS Downes (DE/FF-1070)
  • USS Badger (DE/FF-1071)
  • USS Blakely (DE/FF-1072)
  • USS Robert E. Peary (DE/FF-1073)
  • USS Harold E. Holt (DE/FF-1074)
  • USS Trippe (DE/FF-1075)
  • USS Fanning (DE/FF-1076)
  • USS Ouellet (DE/FF-1077)
  • USS Joseph Hewes (DE/FF-1078)
  • USS Bowen (DE/FF-1079)
  • USS Paul (DE/FF-1080)
  • USS Aylwin (DE/FF-1081)
  • USS Elmer Montgomery (DE/FF-1082)
  • USS Cook (DE/FF-1083)
  • USS McCandless (DE/FF-1084)
  • USS Donald B. Beary (DE/FF-1085)
  • USS Brewton (DE/FF-1086)
  • USS Kirk (DE/FF-1087)
  • USS Barbey (DE/FF-1088)
  • USS Jesse L. Brown (DE/FF-1089)
  • USS Ainsworth (DE/FF-1090)
  • USS Miller (DE/FF-1091)
  • USS Thomas C. Hart (DE/FF-1092)
  • USS Capodanno (DE/FF-1093)
  • USS Pharris (DE/FF-1094)
  • USS Truett (DE/FF-1095)
  • USS Valdez (DE/FF-1096)
  • USS Moinester (DE/FF-1097)

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