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Ship Art by John R. Barrett

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Knox (DE/FF-1052) Class originally Destroyer Escorts (DE) and reclassified Frigates (FF)

This configuration is shown with the Barbey (DE/FF-1088). It has all of the equipment listed in Item 1. above with a spray shield on the bow and with a MK 15 CIWS Phalanx (Gatling gun) on the stern. You can order this configuration with a MK 25 Sea Sparrow missile launcher instead of the MK 15 Phalanx. If you do not specify which air defense weapon you want you will be sent Item 1. the standard as built configuration.

Since the installation of the spray shield, MK 25 Sea Sparrow, and MK 15 Phalanx varied widely between ships you must specify what equipment you want when ordering.

The following ships are available in this configuration:

  • USS Knox (DE/FF-1052)
  • USS Roark (DE/FF-1053)
  • USS Gray (DE/FF-1054)
  • USS Hepburn (DE/FF-1055)
  • USS Connole (DE/FF-1056)
  • USS Rathburne (DE/FF-1057)
  • USS Meyerkord (DE/FF-1058)
  • USS W. S. Sims (DE/FF-1059)
  • USS Lang (DE/FF-1060)
  • USS Patterson (DE/FF-1061)
  • USS Whipple (DE/FF-1062)
  • USS Reasoner (DE/FF-1063)
  • USS Lockwood (DE/FF-1064)
  • USS Stein (DE/FF-1065)
  • USS Marvin Shields (DE/FF-1066)
  • USS Francis Hammond (DE/FF-1067)
  • USS Vreeland (DE/FF-1068)
  • USS Bagley (DE/FF-1069)
  • USS Downes (DE/FF-1070)
  • USS Badger (DE/FF-1071)
  • USS Blakely (DE/FF-1072)
  • USS Robert E. Peary (DE/FF-1073)
  • USS Harold E. Holt (DE/FF-1074)
  • USS Trippe (DE/FF-1075)
  • USS Fanning (DE/FF-1076)
  • USS Ouellet (DE/FF-1077)
  • USS Joseph Hewes (DE/FF-1078)
  • USS Bowen (DE/FF-1079)
  • USS Paul (DE/FF-1080)
  • USS Aylwin (DE/FF-1081)
  • USS Elmer Montgomery (DE/FF-1082)
  • USS Cook (DE/FF-1083)
  • USS McCandless (DE/FF-1084)
  • USS Donald B. Beary (DE/FF-1085)
  • USS Brewton (DE/FF-1086)
  • USS Kirk (DE/FF-1087)
  • USS Barbey (DE/FF-1088)
  • USS Jesse L. Brown (DE/FF-1089)
  • USS Ainsworth (DE/FF-1090)
  • USS Miller (DE/FF-1091)
  • USS Thomas C. Hart (DE/FF-1092)
  • USS Capodanno (DE/FF-1093)
  • USS Pharris (DE/FF-1094)
  • USS Truett (DE/FF-1095)
  • USS Valdez (DE/FF-1096)
  • USS Moinester (DE/FF-1097)

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